Pre-framework era

Version 1.0

2018 - 2020

Initial implementation using plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Early revisions were not single-page apps, and often swung wildly between brutalist web design and skeumorphic design. The final revision of version 1.0 used JavaScript to inject templated components like the navigation bar and site footer (which is the opposite of what most modern JavaScript SPA frameworks do). This project used my now-abandoned frontend library, Cardo, to perform these injections. Click here to visit this version of the site.

Version 1.1

2020 - 24/09/2020

Stripped back to just a single landing page. It had nothing more than links to my social media accounts and side projects. Click here to visit this version of the site.

Vue era

Version 2.x

24/09/2020 - 19/06/2021

A complete overhaul of the website as a playground to learn Vue. Like version 1.0, this iteration of the site went through drastical design changes throughout its lifetime. The CSS stylesheets I developed for this site largely came from my abandoned podcast app project. Click here to visit this version of the site.

React era

Version 3.x

19/06/2021 - 28/07/2021

Another overhaul of the website, but using React this time. I wanted to practice using functional components rather than class components, and to take advantage of React Hooks. The CSS from the previous site was getting huge and unwieldy too, so it's high-time to simplify it.

This was the most short-lived major version of the site. Its custom components and CSS stylesheets formed the basis of the Brioche UI library for React. The following version of this site was the first to use the library rather than internal custom components.

Version 4.x

28/07/2021 - 2/10/2021

It was identical in appearance, layout, and content to version 3.0, however it was the first version to use the Brioche UI library. Click here to visit this version of the site.

Svelte era

Version 5.x

2/10/2021 - Present

The website was migrated to yet another frontend framework, Svelte. The original plan was to use this version as a chance to learn Tailwind CSS as well, but I just couldn't help playing around with some custom CSS to achieve some mid-2010s skeuomorphic aesthetic.

This version also had a couple of neobrutalist phases too, but as of version 5.10.0, skeuomorphism is back.

Unlike the previous version of the website, version 5.0 does not use the Brioche UI library.