New blog - a new blog, a new static site generator ...ish

10/19/2020, 5:22:06 PM

Welcome to my new blog! I haven't imported my old blog posts to this new one. This new blog uses a successor to my static site generator script md2magic to help with importing and indexing posts.

The new script is also written in Python. However I am now using JSON files for its configuration and post manifest. This was inspired by my work on BiscuitWM which also uses a JSON file for configuration.

You can view the script in all its glory/horror on the repository of this site (under the name in the root directory). I will perhaps create a separate repository for this script once it has reached a point of maturity.

Unlike md2magic, it is not responsible for converting markdown files into HTML. Like I mentioned earlier, it's now more of an indexing tool that allows your site to have a readily-available list of your posts with some metadata.